How to fix "Google analytics not showing data error. Google analytics error tracking. - World Updatez with MK

How to fix "Google analytics not showing data error. Google analytics error tracking.

Are you facing errors in your Google Analytics data view?. Is your Google analytics not working or is not showing any data? Are you having a question similar to this "why is my google analytics not showing any data?.
Then don't bother we have a complete solution to your problem. In this article I'm going to solve your problem 100% .

Google Analytics Not Showing Any Data. Google analytics error tracking.

Mostly the fresher or the new user faces this error "there is no data for this view google analytics". There are many reasons behind this issue, today we will discuss all ot them one by one.
Google Analytics is a very efficient and powerful web analysis product of Google which provides  in depth details about the traffic or visitors of our websites. And its a very fruitful software to grow our digital marketing business.

Google analytics error tracking :

First you need to find out, what the problem really is. First of all we should know, that to show data in Google Analytics your website must gain some real-time traffic. Because may be your site is new and not getting any traffic.

Why is my google analytics not showing any data. 

There may be several reasons for your Google Analytics showing "no data to view". But the good thing is that we can solve all of them very easily. 
First of all I'm going to list all the reasons of "Google analytics no data error" then I'll mention the solution for each of them.

Reasons why Google analytics not showing any data :

Here I'll mention all the possible reasons you can have for your "Google analytics not working" :
reasons for Google analytics not working 2020 :

1. Zero or No traffic

The number one and the most common error is with your sites visitors. May be your website is newly made or fresh website and that little pup may not getting the attention of visitors. So, how can your Google Analytics can show data or view reports. 
So you must have atleast 5 real-time visitors. And this is issue may rise after you have done successful registration of your Google analytics with your website.

2. Tracking ID

Google Analytics tracking ID is the basic and most important step where we sometimes get slip. Yes, you might have problem in your Tracking ID either you have used wrong tracking ID or you might not linked it yet with your blogger or WordPress account. 

3. Implimentation of Google analytics code :

After Linking the Analytics tracking id with your blogger account, you must add the Google analytics code in every page of your website, where you want Google analytics boats to crawl your site.

4.  Customisation of unusual settings or blocked content :

You should have check once your Google Analytics setting. It is recommended not to Change any irrelevant settings or advance setting till Google not recommend it. You might changed your settings which might blocking Google analytics boats to reaching your website.

5. Templates or theme :

This is the most relevant reason why the Google analytics stopped working even if we correctly implemented the Analytics tracking ID or code. This is mostly the main reason every website faces. 
Some templates do not allow external or Google JavaScript to read by boats or they automatically delete them or might not save them. 

6. Error in your website Content or files 

Some to enhance the speed and usability of our websites, we implement corrupted html file, JavaScript or CSS files to our website theme. These corrupted files creates several issue and enhance negative impact on our site. Even these corrupted files can block Google boats to crawl our sites.

How to fix "Google analytics not showing data error. 

Above we have mentioned all the possible reasons for "Google analytics no data to view error". Now we'll discuss all the possible solutions to fix Google analytics no data error.
 We will mention all the reasons one by one. 

How to fix "Google analytics not showing data error. 

1. Test real-time visitors : 

 First you need to check is your getting traffic or not. Because if you have zero visitors, Google analytics will automatically show "google analytics no data received in past 48 hours". 
How to test - 
A. Go to incontigo mode in your Google chrome and open up your website url. Open your site for 60 seconds in incontigo tab. 
B. Now open your Google Analytics account in normal chrome.
  •     go to Home tab 
  •     then realtime - overview
C. If you can see 1 real time visitor that means your analytics is working properly and your website is not hitting any traffic.
So learn basic SEO here to increase traffic on your site.

2. Error in Code insertion 

Either you have entered the wrong tracking ID or have entered tracking ID of  another website. 
A. Go to admin panel of Google Analytics 
B. Tracking info - tacking ID

C. Copy it correctly and paste it to the Analytics tracking ID section in the blogger settings. 

Here you done with this.

3. Proper insertion of Google Analytics code :

We need to properly use Google Analytics code in every page of our website where we want to Google analytics robot to crawl.
A. Again go to Tacking info the below to tracking ID you can find a small JavaScript of Google Analytics code.
B. Copy the code properly and paste it to the HTML of your website just below the the <head> tag. 
C.  And then simply save.

4. Customisation of Google Analytics setting 

 Google never recommends to change the Advance setting of Google Analytics. 
So we recommend don't change any setting if are not familiar of it. Untill you are an expert don't do much experiments.

5. Theme or Templates error : 
Fix Google Analytics data is Missing error 2020 - latest trick 

NOTE :  After checking all above steps simply head to this point it, I'm sure your error will 100% get fixed.

A. This is the main and most probable reason which ever user might found. 
The theme and templates we implement in our websites impact a lot. 
B. Some of the templates or themes do not allow external codes in them. Even they block Google boats to crawl such codes. Thats why we sometimes face error in Google AdSense verification.
C. Even if we save the code in our HTML either it automatically get removed or might remove when we change themes and templates.

D. Error fix 100% -  In order to fix it permanently you just need to do a smart simple thing. 
  •   Simply copy the tracking code of Google analytics
  •    head to the blogger dashboard.
  •     go to layout option
  •  select add a gadget anywhere except header
  •     choose html/JavaScript
  •       and then simply paste your Google Analytics tracking code there and press save.
E. At the end don't forget to save the theme and then refresh your site. 
F. Finally your code is saved and to check whether you Google analytics is working or not simply follow the 1. Solution ( test the real-time traffic). It is a fully tested and optimised method.

6. Remove corrupted Javascripts 

 If you have saved any corrupted  or not relevant JavaScript then remove them because excess of JavaScript decreases the loading speed of your site and might even blocks Google boats.


 Hopefully after implementing my method to your problem of "Google Analytics not showing data" was resolved or will resolve.
I strongly recommend you to use this method because you can see a quick solution to your problem here.

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