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Learn how to increase Google Adsense CPC and Adsense Revenue

There are plenty of ways to make money from blogging and money is usually made from blogs by advertising and Google Adsense is most used and leading network to advertise on blogs, but if your blog's Google Adsense CPC(Cost per Click) and Google Adsense Revenue are too low, it remains a matter of concern for you.

Because every blogger wants to earn money from their blog, even after a lot of hardwork, he able  to earn very less or no money, and the reason behind is  the low Google Adsense CPC.

how to increase Google Adsense CPC and Adsense Revenue

How to increase Google Adsense CPC and Adsense Revenue?

Because of your Google Adsense Revenue more or less, is very important. If your blog has high Google Adsense CPC then chances of high revenue are maximum, so it's very important to have a high Google Adsense CPC for your blog.

Reason for low CPC in Google Adsense 

When we create a blog and advertise it with Google Adsense, the CPC in the beggining is very low and especially in India it is usually low, google adsense CPC can be enhanced, So,  you need to know all Google Adsense terms like CPC, CTR, CPM first.

1. What is CPC in Google Adsense?

The full form of CPC is Cost Per Click, that is, when someone clicks on the ad shown on your blog by Google Adsense, you get money for each click and how much money it gets for one click is called CPC, Cost Per Click.
The more high is your blog's Google Adsense CPC more is the Google Adsense Revenue. You can check your every day's Blog CPC by going to Google Adsense Account.

2. What is Google Adsense CTR?

The full form of the CTR is Click Through Rate, which means what percentage of clicks Google has on all ads shown on your blog, such as 100 ads are shown(impressions) by Google on your blog as an example, and if they are clicked 10 times, blog CTR is 10%.

3. What is Google Adsense CPM?

This is also an important factor to increase Google Adsense Revenue, CPM its full form is Cost Per Thounsand(miles), to tell you how much money is paid by Google adsense for 1000 impressions on your blog, so the higher the CPM, the more it increases your Google Ads Revenue.

How To Increase Google Adsense CPC 

In India, the Hindi blog CPC  is usually very low, which also causes Google Adsense Revenue to be very low because we get money by click on the ad, so low CPC ultimately generate low revenue.

So our blog needs to have CPC High, so we're going to tell you about some of the ways you can use to increase your Blog's CPC.

Best ways to Increase CPC In your Blog

New Google Adsense

If you've recently get  Google Adsense approval for your blog/website, it's natural that you're given Low CPC in the beginning.

But if you target a country where the 
currency value is high, you get high CPC such as United States, Australia, Canada, Marshal islands, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, etc.

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Organic Traffic

The most important thing to earn money from any blog is to have traffic on that blog, so there is no use of advertising on a blog without traffic because you can't earn money by advertising on the blog until you are gaining huge traffic to see the ads on your blog.

In the very beginning, you get traffic from Social Media on which you get Low CPC, beacuse we can't receive much organic traffic at the start. So try more and more Organic Traffic lanes on the blog, i.e., if someone comes to your blog through Search Engine, you get high CPC.

So optimise the Blog to Search Engine through Google search console ( Google Webmaster tool) to get Organic Traffic and it's a tool that you can bring thousands and millions of visitors to your blog every day.

Google Adsense Ads Size

It is very important that you choose the right ads size on your blog because you also get Google adsense CPC according to some kind of ads and any size ads on the blog.

Now that doesn't mean you visit any  professional or experienced blogger's blog and put the same ads on your blog because it's not necessary that you'll get same high CPC.

So it's important to use ads size and ads location correctly.
Here's some best ads sizes which you can use on your website/blog to increase Adsense Revenue.

-Half Page Large Skyscraper (300×600)

-The Leaderboard (728×90)

-The Medium Rectangle (300×250)

-Large Rectangle (336×280)

-Large Mobile Banner (320×100)

-Mobile Leaderboard (320×50)

-Wide Skyscraper (160×600)

-Portrait (300×1050)

-The Billboard (970×250)

-The Square (250×250)

These ads  are most commonly used to increase CPC of ads, you can also increase your blog's Google adsense CPC by creating such ads unit.

Try to Create New Ads Unit

Once you've received Google Adsense Approval on your blog, then you create ads Unit and use the same ads Unit for many years.

So if your blog's CPC is too low, itay be a great loss for your Adsense Revenue. Create the New ads Unit and apply them to the old ads unit, and your blog CPC increases  if you do so.

Experiment With Google ads

Many Bloggers look at other blogs/websites and put ads on their blogs, but it's not necessary to use the same ads to increase your blog earnings and the ways other bloggers use blog CPC to increase their blogs as well.

So you have to experiment with Google Adsense ads on your blog that doesn't mean you're flirting with Google Ads Code.

Rather, you have to experiment on Google Ads Size and ads Location that some kind of ads and where you find CPC is good, so you can find out the right kind of ads and location for your blog.

Link ads vs Display ads

Many people believe that Link ads pay more money than Display ads, but we believe it is the opposite because Display ads are more attractive and advertisers have to pay more money to Google for this, so clicking on Display ads gets more money than Link ads.

But it is true that there are more clicks on Link Ads than Display Ads, which makes link ads earn more money, but if you are able to click on Display ads in the same way, Blog CPC and Google adsense Revenue have a lot of enlargement.

Use Minimum Ads

Most new blogs use a lot of ads on their blogs that also cause Blog CPC to become low, so you should use 4-5 ads on your blog.

You can also use Google auto ads that make your blog professional and also make blog CPC increase, and Google has been providing a variety of features from time to time to increase Publisher's earnings, which is used to increase Google Revenue.

Write Quality Content With Keywords

Quality and Unique Content greatly helps your blog rank in Google, which gives you great traffic as well as CPC, as well as you can increase google adsense CPC using CPC High Keywords. With a few more considerations, you can increase your blog's Google Adsense CPC and Google Adsense Revenue, such as-

  • Mobile Friendly website

  • Fast Loading Website

  • Increase CTR

  • Increase Domain & Page authority

  • Increase Search Engine Traffic

  • Write Long Articles

  • Proper keyword Research

  • Use Responsive Ads

  • Choose Best Niche for Blogging

Using this method, you can increase your blog's CPC and increase Google Adsense Revenue. We hope you would have liked our post.

If you like our post and you've got What you are finding, then share it with your Blogger friends and comment to us if you have any questions.

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