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How to download whatsapp video status. Whatsap status download free

Download WhatsApp Status in a pinch

Facebook's instant messaging platform Whatsapp's status feature is very amazing. This feature has been very much liked by users. Let's tell you what's the way to download the  WhatsApp video Status free.

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Highlights :

  • The status feature is also available on Facebook and Instagram apps
  • WhatsApp Status can also be downloaded with the help of third party apps
  • WhatsApp status feature still continues to be celebrated after a year

How to download whatsapp video status. Whatsap status download free

Facebook's instant messaging platform WhatsApp is a very amazing app. After the WhatsApp app, people's lives have become much easier. The company continues to roll out new features for the convenience of WhatsApp users.
The company released the WhatsApp Status feature. Nearly a year has passed since the WhatsApp status feature, but the feature is still intact. 

This feature is very much liked by the user. Let's say that the status is automatically removed after 24 hours. Photos or videos can be easily posted in status. Not only in WhatsApp, facebook and Instagram apps also have status features. Millions of video statuses are posted every day on Whatsapp. After looking at the status of friends and close people, you must have never felt that I wish I could download the photo or video i see in WhatsApp Status. Today, we are going to tell you about some of the necessary steps. Using this method you will be able to download the WhatsApp Status free in a pinch.

Steps to download Whatsapp video status free : 

Unhide hidden folders 

To download the WhatsApp status,
first you need to unhide the Whatsapp Status folder hidden in the phone. 
You may not be aware that whenever you click on a Whatsapp status, it automatically stores it in this folder hidden in the phone. 
Now you may be wondering how to remove the video or favourite photo from this hidden folder.
 Let's say that the status is not saved in the gallery to avoid copyright problems. The handset does not need to reboot or jailbreak the iOS device to unhide the status folder. 

Follow these steps to simply download Whatsapp Status: Whatsapp Status video Download -

1. Go to the File Manager menu bar, here you'll see the Settings option.
2. After clicking settings you will see the option of Unhide Files. 
3. After clicking on this option, go to the WhatsApp folder in the file manager.
4. Here you have to go to the Media folder. 5. In the media folder you will see a hidden folder named .statuses.
6. The same folder will have photos and video stores with status.
 Here you can easily get Whatsapp Status video Download 

There are also many apps for Whatsapp Status video Download -

There are also many apps to download the  WhatsApp status video. Let's say these apps have not been launched by WhatsApp, these are third party apps. These third party apps can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. We do not confirm how secure these third party apps are about user data. So we will advise you to follow the step mentioned above.
But the Whatsapp Status downloader apps are trending very well, So you can use them too. 

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