Highlights of New education policy, NEP 2020 - World Updatez with MK

Highlights of New education policy, NEP 2020

Remind yourself a minute of your life and think that have you ever thought that you will get to learn something new today?
If not then start thinking now.  Because our government has implemented some such rules, Now you have less to learn and more to think new.

Indian government made some changes in Indian education policy after a ling period of 34 years. We can not say some changes, infact the entire education policy get changed. 

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The union cabinet has announced the new education policy 2020 on 30 July 2020,
which replaces the prevailing three decade old policy.
This policy has been welcomed by many.
Prime minister modi said this will transform many lives.

Here are the highlights of the new education policy -

1.The ten plus two structure within the establishment has been replaced by a five plus three plus four (5+3+3+4) structure it'll include twelve years of schooling and three years of anganvadi and pre-schooling (Balvaatika ).

2. Rather than exams being held annually school students will sit for exams only in classes 3, 5 and 8.

3. The maternal language an area or regional language are going to be the medium of instruction in all schools up to class 5.

4. The 4-year undergraduate program has made a comeback in colleges. However get a choice between the 3-year and the 4-year format. The 4th year will be a research program for those students who are interested in research, experience and science.

6. The NEP 2020 also offers multiple exits and multiple entrance options to students. Thats means one can leave the college after completing 1st 2nd year and can come back to rejoin from the same.

7. The government has also done away with the M Phil program i.e. M Phil program has been faraway from new education policy 2020.

8. Government will established a better education council of India which can regulate higher education. The main target will be on institutions that have 3 000 or more students borrowing legal
and medical colleges among.

9. The council's goal is to increase gross enrollment ratio from 26.3 percent in 2018 to 50 by 2035.

10. A national research foundation are going to be created to foster a powerful research culture, and build research capacity across education sector
to encourage holistic education.

11. The NEP 2020 proposes that higher education institutions just like the IITs
include arts and humanities subjects for students studying science and vice versa.
That means no stream issue for students, there will a decided pool. You can choose you decided pool of subjects through which you can get your desired subject as well.

12. The NEP 2020, says that the centre and the states will work together to extend public investment in education to succeed in 6 percent of the GDP.

13. Meanwhile, the MHRD ministry has also been renamed as the ministry of education.

These are the major and common changes form the New Education policy 2020,N 2020. For detailed information stay tuned.
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