Coronavirus : Record 78761 new cases reported in last 24 hours, surpassing 35 lakh infected data - World Updatez with MK

Coronavirus : Record 78761 new cases reported in last 24 hours, surpassing 35 lakh infected data

The cases of COVID-19 in India have crossed the figure of 35 lakh. On Sunday, once again, there was a big jump in corona infection cases. 

On Sunday  78,761 new cases were reported in a day, the highest number of infected cases in a day so far. But, the good thing is that the number of people who are healthy from infection has gone up to more than 2.7 lakh and the investigation has intensified.

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Latest COVID-19 Case Counts in India

As per the data updated on Sunday morning by the union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the death toll has risen to 63,498 in the last 24 hours due to death of 948 people. The cases of infection in the country have risen to 35, 42734, out of which 7, 65302 people are undergoing treatment and 27, 13934 people have recovered from the disease after treatment. Foreign nationals are also involved in the total cases of infection. 

Recovery Rate Increased - Health Ministry

According to health ministry data, the rate of recovery of patients has increased to 76.61 per cent while the mortality rate has declined to 1.79 per cent. 21.60 per cent of patients are still undergoing treatment.

Over 10.5 Lakh Samples Tested In Last 24 Hours : COVID-19 

According to data released by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), a total of 4, 14, 61636 samples were tested across the country till 29th August, out of which 10, 55027 samples were tested in a day on Saturday. This is the highest number of investigations in a day so far.

State-wise Death Status Of Coronavirus : India

According to health ministry data, 948 people have died in the last 24 hours. Most of them were 328 patients from Maharashtra and 115 from Karnataka. In addition, 87 patients have died in Tamil Nadu, 82 in Andhra Pradesh, 62 in Uttar Pradesh, 53 in West Bengal, 41 in Punjab, 22 in Madhya Pradesh, 16 in Jharkhand, 15 in Delhi, 14 in Odisha, 13-13 in Gujarat and Rajasthan, 12 in Puducherry and 11-11 in Chhattisgarh and Uttarakhand.

From COVID-19, 10 in Telangana, nine in Haryana, seven in Jammu and Kashmir, four each in Ladakh and Tripura in Kerala, three each in Assam, Goa and Bihar, two in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and one each in Himachal Pradesh and Manipur succumbed.

Out of a total of 63,498 people who died from COVID-19 so far, There were 24,103 patients from Maharashtra. In addition, 7,137 patients from Tamil Nadu, 5,483 in Karnataka, 4,404 in Delhi, 3,796 in Andhra Pradesh, 3,365 in Uttar Pradesh, 3,126 in West Bengal, 2,989 in Gujarat and 1,348 in Punjab lost their lives from Kovid-19.

The epidemic has so far 1,345 in Madhya Pradesh, 1,030 in Rajasthan, 818 in Telangana, 685 in Jammu and Kashmir, 670 in Haryana, 561 in Bihar, 470 in Odisha, 397 in Jharkhand, 289 in Assam, 280 in Kerala, 262 in Chhattisgarh and 250 people in Uttarakhand.

In addition, 211 persons have died in Puducherry, 178 in Goa, 98 in Tripura, 45 in Chandigarh, 44 in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, 34 in Himachal Pradesh, 32 in Ladakh, 28 in Manipur, 10 in Meghalaya, nine in Nagaland, five in Arunachal Pradesh, three in Sikkim and two in Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu. The health ministry says that 70 per cent of the deceased were patients who had many more diseases.

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