Blogging as a career in 2020 - worthy or not?. - World Updatez with MK

Blogging as a career in 2020 - worthy or not?.

Blogging as a career in 2020 - worthy or not?.
Blogging as a career in 2020 is worthy or not. Everyone who are dreaming to start a business online are seeing blogging as a career option. Can you really get rich by building a blog. Is Blogging a Career Option Right for You. Read the full article to know all the answers.


Is Blogging a Business?

Earlier people used to blogging for their hobby and now it has become a profession. And people are earning a lot of money from blogging. Top bloggers around the world earns in millions. This ultimately shows how much blogging worth. But competition is increasing day by day. Thousands of  people create a new blog oer day and millions of post are created in a single day. This is what the competition is increasing rapidly.

Is Blogging A Good Career Option In 2020?

Absolutely yes, Blogging as a career option is a good opportunity. If you are willing to start blogging, then what are you waiting for? Start it today. Even blogging is emerging as a full time career option.
Even though, there are chances of you can earn even more than your current salary from a blog.

How much Money you can make from Blogging?

Even a begginer blogger can make $100 dollars in one month. Normally bloggers earn $100 to $500 in a month. Professional and celebrity bloggers  earn $20,000 to $40,000 per month.
The top blogging sites of world makes approx. $500 million of a month. 
This is absolutely a great inspiration for starting a blog.

The top earnings blogging sites 2020 :

The top blogging sites  around the world makes a huge amount of money you can't even thought. 
Here's the list of top blogging sites of 2020
  • Moz - $44.9 million per year.
  • PerezHilton -  $41.3 million per year.
  • Copyblogger - $33.1 million per year.
  • Mashable - $30 million per year.
  • TechCrunch-  $22.5 million per year.
  • Envato Tuts+ - $10 million per year.
  • Smashing Magazine - $5.2 million per year.
  • Gizmodo -  $4.8 million per year

Blogging as a full time career .

Sitting on a laptop doing blogging on full time - daily basis is not a bad idea anymore. If you are really passionate about your subject and you have quite decent writing skill, then yes you might start blogging as a full-time career. It doubles your input which ultimately increases your output that is your earning.
And the most amazing thing is it is free of risk.

Things you must know before starting blogging as a career.

Everyone is unique here and wants to do things in their own ways. But if you are willing to start a blog or you are a beginner blogger, you must follow these things -

1. Discipline and patience 

If you were thinking, what is the role of patience and discipline here is blogging.
Then I'm telling you patience and discipline are the main key features of a successful blogger.

Patience - you must have patience  for successful blogging. If you are thinking, you are creating a blog just to earn money and you are thinking you can make money within one starting month, then dude it is not the truth.
- be patient and keep patience is necessary.
- almost one year is required to set your blog for regular monthly income as a beginner.

Discipline - posting 3,4 post in a day and then skipping one day without any single post and then again posting 3,4 or more than that posts will not make your blog worthy.

- just to discipline blogging
-set a proper routine for posting regular post.

It is really hard to tell how long it can take to really make enough money to make blogging as a career.

2. Trest it as a business

Just doing blogging is not enough today because competition is very tough.
You must treat this as your business today really earn a  good amount of money.
Investing in your blogging business is also a good idea to make this at a new level.

3. Learn about networks and Networks.

Blogging is not just writing article and posting posts it is absolutely much more than that.
You should have a quality knowledge about networks, advertisements, monetization, digital marketing , search engine optimisation, Google products etc.

4. Learn blogging is a fluctuating business.

Sometime you can earn and an expecting amount of money but on the other hand sometime you can't even have enough money to cover your bills. 
Always remember blogging depends on how much traffic you are gaining. Ultimately blogging fluctuating business. You never know about your profit and loss.

5. Start if you have quality knowledge and content.

It doesn't mean you can post anything or just do copy paste. But you should have quality content and Pacific and forgetting knowledge about the topic you have selected for your blog.
You will never get traffic without posting quality content.

Blogging is not  for everyone, you must be   consistent, involving, evolving, analytical, you must Know must know how to get rid of failure.

What is Blogging career salary?

Yes, you can generate monthly salary basis income from blogging.
- if you have content quality and your post ranking on Google search and you are gaining good traffic you can easily generate $100 to $500 within month or days.

What are Blogging opportunities in 2020.

Today competition at a level  where blogging is not enough as a career.
You can create much more  blogging opportunities in 2020  by -

- doing affiliate marketing 
- working as a entrepreneur
- digital marketing
- tools site builder
- freelancer
-content writer etc.


Finally, we have an opinion. If you want to get started in blogging, you are thinking so, then you should start dude. Otherwise you are very late.
Their are no such age requirement and equipment requirements.
 In the figure of blogging, a lot of career opportunities are available today. You can make a lot of money on them. You should read the full  article for all the information regarding blogging.
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