Black Panther actor dies at age 43, was a victim of this serious illness - World Updatez with MK

Black Panther actor dies at age 43, was a victim of this serious illness

Chadwick's family wrote,  "A true fighter, Chadwick went through this most, and worked in a lot of films in which you gave him a lot of love".

Chadwick Boseman, who played lead role in Black Panther, dies, family appeals

Actor Chadwick Boseman, who played Black Panther in marvel films, died of cancer. His family confirmed the news by tweeting from Chadwick's account. He expressed grief and wrote,  "In the year 2016, Chadwick had a stage 3 colon cancer diagnosis, and had been fighting the disease for the last four years during which it turned into stage 4 "

Chadwick's family wrote, "A true fighter, Chadwick went through this hottest, and worked in a lot of films in which you gave him a lot of love. From Marshall to Dr. 5 Blood and August Wilson's Ma Renee's Black Bottom and a lot of such films. All these films he did during countless surgeries and chemotherapy".

 "It was an honour for him to make King T'Blister alive as a Black Panther. He gave up his life in his house, to his wife and his family. The family thank you for your love and prayers and hopes that you will respect our privacy in this time of grief.A lot of retweets and reply fans have tweeted on this tweet by Chadwick's family.

Suffering from Colon Cancer for 4 Years :

Media reports say that chadwick's representative said that Chadwick's wife and family were with him at the last moment. He was suffering from colon cancer (bowel cancer). A statement was issued on behalf of his family on the death of superstar Actor, describing him as a true warrior. "A true warrior, Chadwick, through his struggle, delivered all the films that you loved immensely," the statement said. '

In a statement issued by the family, Chadwick shot several films in the past 4 years and was all in the midst of several surgeries and chemotherapy. The family said it was a matter of respect for them to play the role of (King T' Challa) in the Black Panther film.

#RIP KING trending on Twitter

Fans are expressing their grief and paying tribute to the actor by making countless tweets and comments on Chadwick's visit. The RIP KING hash tag is trending on Twitter with fans tweeting and sharing their feelings and old memories of Chadwick. It's hard for fans to believe that they won't be able to see their favourite star again on the screen.

Role of "Black Panther" made superstar -

Chadwick made his name in his career with films like '42' and 'Get on Up' and then tedica/ted in the 2018 Marvel Cinematic Universe film 'Black Panther'. Playing the role of Black Panther, he was hit among the audience. He then appeared in the Black Panther character again in blockbuster films like Avengers-Infiniti War and Avengers-end games. His last film ' Da 5 Bloods ' was released this year.

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