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Basic SEO Beginners guide - Easy SEO Tips

SEO, what is SEO why it is so important today. In this article I will provide a basic beginner SEO guide. After reading this article you will be able to answer all the questions related to SEO.

What does SEO stands for? SEO Meaning.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. 

What is SEO - Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is a digital method which helps to drives huge quantity of organic Traffic for a website. Search engine optimisation makes any  website rank on first position on search engine ( google, yahoo, bing etc). SEO helps in providing rich search results on a specific keyword.

How does SEO works ?

Whenever we search on Google long list of link appears, making show rich quality content articles. How this long list of links appears in a search, how this content is selected for results on search engine. 
All this is done by google search engine optimisation.
Search Engines crawl websites and their pages to review content, website design, speed, and security. 
Search Engines want to rank the most relevant, useful, user-friendly, and comprehensive content from the best sources.
 Search Engines review a variety of on-page and off-page ranking factors to determine which pages to rank on google for each keyword search.

Why SEO is most important to rank a Website on google?

SEO is not only important to show search results on search engine. But good SEO practices enhances the users search experience and also improve usability of the website. It makes a website users friendly and device friendly which ultimately increases the traffic for a website.
Today search engine optimisation is ultimately very important process to increase the usability, rank and  traffic for your website.
SEO is a long term process. Applying SEO for your website does not show a quick enhancement in your website traffic and rank on search engines rather than this it is a long term process. It shows great results for your websites.

How To Do Google Seo? Seo Of Google.

Now question arises how to do SEO for Google. Yet SEO is a long term process but it is not that much harder if you work hard on it with extreme smart work.

Basic practices for SEO of Google :

There are some basic practices for doing SEO of Google, you must follow all of them -


Itdealy, it is best to do to a complete keyword research before writing content on your selected niche. Keywords play a very important role in ranking your content in search engine results. it is best to  complete research over which keyword you should focus in your content content.
It is better to use broad, short and long tail keywords. 

.              Full image credit to Ahrefs

 For keyword research Use the following keyword tools -

  • Soovle.
  • Jaaxy.
  • Google Search Console.
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer.
  • SECockpit.
  • Google Keyword Planner.
  • Moz Keyword Explorer

2. On page SEO for your website :

After a  complete keyword research and created a long list of keywords for your content, it's time for on page SEO for your website.
- long list of researched keywords is vitally necessary for ranking a content.
- you have to place all your selected keywors in your content but don't use over and over because then your content seems spammy.
- accurate placement of long tail keywords ( less competition keywords) inside the the content, this is what on content SEO is.

No just placing keywords in the content is not enough. 

Most necessary placements of  keywords for SEO -

- in the body content use main keyword and catchy keywords.
- Title : never forget to place the main keyword in content title.
- subheadings - subheadings are valuable places for SEO keywords
- meta description or search description:
This will be shown in Google search results, put heavy keywords here.
- image SEO - always use catchy images for the content. Place alt-text and file images name total Google about your image and for search results.

Off page SEO for your website :

After finishing on page SEO of your post and publish it, now its time for off oage SEO. After publishing the post time to viral post you can use social media platforms for traffic but only at a small scale, because all your work will be done by SEO of Google. 
Make sure to build  internal links and external  links for generating traffic from other websites. Generating traffic from other websites by placing external links is called Backlinks.

Use SEO Checker for your website:

If you think you have done SEO of your site and  want to check the quality of your site, want to see where your site has reached in the case of SEO, so you can free SEO checker website. By these free SEO checker websites you can easily analyse the SEO % of your site or you can buy premium methods.


1. Does SEO is really required for a website to rank?

Probably yes, Google has some methods for ranking any website, on the basis of which the website comes at the top position in search results. SEO is one of these methods search engines. 
The competition is so high today, thus to handle this competition and traffics SEO comes in account.
SEO selects which website should rank on top or which should not. Thus, yes It plays very important role for ranking any website.

2. How placing keywords can rank a post?

Keyword research is aslo a tool for SEO
Placing quality keywords in any content makes huge impact in its ranking. Beacuse a keyword is what a user is searching for. In order to provide accurate information to users, google started keywords research Policy to show all the posts related to that perticular search. If have created a post on that perticular keyword, then your post will ultimately appears in search results. After doing proper SEO, it might rank on top 10 position.

3. Does Seo really bring huge traffic for website?

Search engine optimisation brings organic traffic for your website. Yes by doing SEO for your site, you can bring good organic traffic. But SEO requires great practices,methods, and professionality. SEO only brings organic traffic from search engines.

4. How Long Does It Takes To Rank By SEO?

Usually SEO shows its results after 5,6 months. It is a long term method and it requires a specific time periodSEO to show its best results but for some websites and niches it works within less time period or it take much more longer, depend upon your site niche and you.

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