America declared Ban on Chinese app Tik Tok . Tik tok ban in America 2020 - World Updatez with MK

America declared Ban on Chinese app Tik Tok . Tik tok ban in America 2020

At Friday night 30 August, 2020 Donald Trump ( American President ) said that he will Ban the popular video app tik tok in America. Today American President might officially declare to Ban tik tok from operating in United States of America in the coming 24 hours.

 Tik tok ban in America , Ban of Chinese app tik tok in USA.

After india , US president Donald Trump just few hours before banned Chinese app Tik tok. 
The resentment of US President Donald Trump and China is increasing.
As we all know that due to the spread of Corona virus by China, there is an outcry throughout the world. And in the US, it is showing its greatest impact. This is clearly visible with the anger of the US President on China. 

Will tik tok ban or not?

                    Tik tok Image from social media

Official news of tik tok ban in America -

Now after India, America has also started banning Chinese apps. We can see a simple example of this,  with the popular Chinese video app tik tok.
The US President has also said that more apps or other things , something similar may also happen with.

Official statement of Donald Trump over Tik Tok Ban -

"we're looking at tik tok we may be banning tik-tok we may be doing some other things or a couple of options but a lot of things are happening so we'll see what happens but we are looking at a lot of alternatives with respect to tik tok"
These are the official statement by American President Donald Trump, a few hours before.

Why America decided to ban tik tok -
Tik tok is the most popular app among the age group of 20 years even more. Tik tok had got a millions of US users, it will make a huge impact on this app and also between the relationship of USA and China. 
Definately for security concerns American President decided that he will Ban tik tok from USA. The Chinese video app tik tok has security risks, it handles the  personal data of its users which might creates a threat for US cyberspace.

Tik tok ban in other countries

Officially Malaysia , Bangladesh and recently India banned tik tok.
India on june 29 officially banned tik tok and 59 other Chinese apps calling them a big threat to indian security and sovereignty.
The app was having a national security and integrity threat according to theo 
Meanwhile, Hong Kong and America were thinking of Banning the Chinese app tik tok.
While America given official statement over its ban.

Signs that clearly show Trump's displeasure with China -

 Trump praised India after banning tik tok along with other 59 Chinese apps.
Donald Trump has even stated that he is upset with china over 'coronavirus crisis'.
He even angrily stated coronavirus as Chinese virus.

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