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Top ways to make money online in 2020

Earning money is a difficult task in today's time. People have craze to earn money at the time of today. In old days making money, it used to be very difficult task, people used to get wages after working for many days, they used to get only a small amount of money.
We wish that it is easy to earn money, wishing that we could earn good money by sitting at home all the day working on the internet , So that we can have a good time with our family.

Do you want to earn money online in 2020? Do you want to earn dollars at home through internet 😎?

If you too think something similar and want to earn money  at home, then this blog of ours is for you only , so here are top ways to make money online 2020 -

If you can do a little hardwork with a lot smart work then you will not found it tough to make money on online platforms 
So , have a look at this list of our top ways to earn money online in 2020 -

When you visited any website on google, have you noticed ads which might sometimes intrupt your searches , these ads are google ads and are use for good purposes. These ads are given by google adsense to the websites which got approval from google adsense.

Now question arises what is Google Adsense?
Google Adsense is a free product of google which serves you  text, images, videos advertisements on which through clicks and impressions by viewers are counted and the user has been paid by google . It is a secure platform and one of the best platform to earn money online.

How to earn money from Google Adsense?
It is bit easy to earn from this platform , where you dont have to pay a lot . Its a free platform but after investing some money you can earn a good amount of money.
What you need to do is just -
1.sign up free for google adsense

2. Create your account you have to add your account either from youtube or from your website or any other source where you want google ads.

3 . Get ads code - after adding your account you can receive your ads code from google .

4. Paste code in your website - you have to paste the code in your website which will google read.

5. After receiving ads leave it for google adsense - now what you need to do is just create good quality content under Google's privacy policy and google itself work for your earnings on your behalf.

Google Adsense is a good and efficient way to earn money online at home , which you should try .

Wheather you have a website or you are thinking of making one or dreaming of making blogs of quality contents , you can also go for affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing is very good way to earn money online .

What is affiliate marketing ?
Affiliate marketing is a process of earnings commission by promoting people's( company, retailers, entrepreneur) products and services to other for selling.
You can find a good products of any company you will make bonds with them , you promote their products and earn a amount of profit over each sale.

How to earn from affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a very large topic to explain you can do a course for it , or you can learn it from any source as it is a vast course. In short and sweet how  you can earn from affiliate marketing -
1. Create a website / blog or email through you want to affiliate products.
2. Choose affiliate products to promote
3. Use an affiliate management program
4. Create quality contents for your affiliate links
5. Boost your revenue by increasing affiliate costumers.

Affiliate marketing requires additional money to invest meanwhile if you have money to invest you can start working as a affiliate marketer and can earn easily.

#3. Freelancing
Freelancing is just another best way to earn money online. Freelancing is very popular nowadays a lot of people are earning easily by bidding on freelancing sites.
There are many sites which allow to work on them as a freelancer to earn money and similarly there are many to ways to work as a freelancer. Again freelancing is a vast topic to understand. Let see how we can understand this in short.

What is freelancing ?
Freelancing is a way of working when you are self employed which means when you have not committed to any company or organisation for work. Freelancers are self employed online worker which scroll for a suitable freelancing website and to found suitable work for them. 
You can find work of your interest on freelancing sites without any cost.

How to earn from freelance?
Its a very interesting question that how you can earn from freelancing sites i mean how you can work free of cost and earn by simply doing jobs at home on your laptops. You have to find project of your choose and simply bid on them if they find your profile suitable you will get the work.
What you have to do-
1. Search for a appropriate freelancing site which can provide you work with great safety. I will suggest you for these sites -
Fiverr, freelancer, up work, people per hour, guru, truelancer .
2. Setup your account for free.
3. Build your profile showing all your peeks & perks, agility, talent you are having, your interests.
4. Serch for jobs of your interest in which you found yourself perfect.
5. Just bid on the jobs free of cost ( some sites may charge for bidding) and then you have to give a brief description on why they select you for work .
6. Set your milestones and and get paid after completing jobs.
Simple is that!!.

Everyone is familiar of YouTube , it is the most famous and best online platform.
We can spend full day on YouTube but do you know? You can earn a huge on this platform.... Let us see how.

How to earn from video ?
Youtube is as simple as creating good quality content, videos etc. Now it is more easiy to earn from YouTube as the platforms provided various ways to monetize your channel such as ads and corporate sponsorships.
You can earn from YouTube in two ways 
1. As a ad provider.
2. As a Content creators

Ads provider - they pay google for showing thier respective ads to promote their services on the videos of content creator.

Content creators - They earn money when google approve them for google adsense and monetize their channel by showing ads of ads provider .

Now question arises how to earn from ads?
It is simple you have to post good quality content for your videos on YouTube, so that you can grow your channel views .
Once you got 1000 views and 4000 watch hours on your cannel then you will be able to monetize your channel for showing google ads. 
Your google Adsense account send ads on your video and you will get paid for per clicks on ads and views . 

YouTube earnings is very effective and efficient way to earn online . One has to do hardwork to create quality content which goes viral soon . This makes your channel grow. 
You can earn a hefty amount by working as a youtuber and you can become popular too by YouTube . 
You must try if you have talent!

Online teaching is another great way to utilise your talents and to get paid for it👍.
Today there are so many ways to teach online, that you can make your career wherever you want.
If you too had ever dreamed of becoming a teacher, if you were ever fond of teaching, today we will tell you the best and simplest solution to fulfill that dream.
How to teach online?
In the internet world today, reading or teaching online is not a big deal.
If you have talent then you can find a lot of platforms that will get your talent rewarded and also get you paid for your work .
What you need to is just apply there for free send them your qualifications , your ability and talents. Just teach whatever you are perfect of. 

Now question arises where to tech online? 
Its not a big deal to teach online in the world of internet.
All you need to have is an excellent internet connection , a laptop , recording accessories, and your talent.
If you are a brilliant English speakers then you can teach English , its a very demanding course nowadays , digital marketing, influencers or any subject you are having knowledge of .

Platforms where you can teach-
YouTube , udemy, skillshare, shaw academy, podia, thinkfic, unacademy, cambly , Android or iOS apps, etc 

This can make a huge list for this meanwhile online teaching is a great way for earnings and spreading your skills and talents.
A secret tip why you must try for the jobs in my list..... Because  in most of them or you can say in all of them you are not necessarily to be a degree holder , what you must need to have is just your talent . 
That's it!!.

Hope you easily understand these topics and got an idea over what you want to start next . Do comment if you want a detailed blog over any of the  jobs👍. 

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