"Suicide or Murder" movie release date confirmed , actors confirmed, official poster Released. - World Updatez with MK

"Suicide or Murder" movie release date confirmed , actors confirmed, official poster Released.

Film is being made on Sushant Singh Rajput case.The date of film and the actors are confirmed. The film will soon be released on the big screen.
This film will be the first film of the film makers.

Every information related to this film has now come out, Name of Producing company , who will be the actor when the release will come out of all the information.

Read full article for all information related to the movie.

Movie name and directors -

The title of this film depicting Sushant Singh case will be "Suicide or murder - A star was lost ".
This film is being made under the production of VDG Binge. 
Film is being directed by Shamik Moulik and will be Produced by Vijay Shekhar Gupta.

Latest updates over film - "Suicide or Murder" -

As the news of the making of this film came on social media, the fans started believing that it will be a biography of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. 
But The director of the film Shamik Moulik then made it clear through his social media handle that this film is not biography of any kind. This film will be made on the victims of nepotism. Like, people come from outside to make their career in Bollywood industries and fall prey in to the gum of nepotism.

About the film -

This film will bring the secrets of dark world hidden behind the golden screen of bollywood. Through the Sushant Singh Rajput case, this film can work to destroy the  Mafia gang in Bollywood, who runs the underworld of nepotism.
This film may reveal the shameful nepotism in Bollywood.
Regarding the film, the filmmakers say that this film is not a biography of anyone but this film shows the story of story of outsiders who come with the dream of making career in Bollywood but made a victim of nepotism in the name of a movie.

Official poster of the film "Suicide or Murder? - A star was lost ".

                     Movie poster from social media

Lead actors for the film "Suicide or Murder?".

It is not possible to show the world of Nepotism and Nepotism King Karan Johar is not mentioned in the film.

Actor Rana image 

Actor and model Rana has been selected to play the role of a significant producer of Hindi cinema,  within the film, "Suicide or Murder,” which is being made on the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The news of this news has been given by the producer company VSG Binge by sharing a post on their social media account.
Rana will play the role of a producer of films who employ only the kids of massive stars in films. This character has been given almost the same look as Karan Johar and is understood as Nepo king

Statement given by producers over the film - 

Talking about the film, its producer Vijay Shekhar Gupta told the media, 'My film could also be a tribute to people who accompany the intention of making a career in films, but they fall prey to the intrigues of some big producers.
He further said, 'This kills his talent and innocence. The film isn't a biopic of Sushant Singh Rajput, but is inspired by his life. It'll show how an outsider earns his name in Bollywood but falls prey to dynasty. Some deep secrets will emerge through this film.

Lead actor in the movie "Suicide or Murder" -

The famous tik toker Sachin Tiwari has been chosen to play the role of a struggling artist within the film. Sachin looks somewhat like Sushant.
Sachin became famous on social media  due to his exact appearance like Sushant Singh.

Release date of the movie "Suicide or Murder"-

Talking about the release date of film,
The producer Vijay told , “We are getting to start out this film in mid-September.” 

 Furthermore He added, 'This film are planning to be shot in Mumbai and Punjab. By the way, we plan to release this film on Christmas this year. But, if troubles continue due to Corona virus, then we'll release this film on January 26 next year.

These are official statements by the the producer itslef.

Stay tuned for further updates till then take care.

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