PUBG is going to be BANNED in India? - World Updatez with MK

PUBG is going to be BANNED in India?

Is PUBG going to be banned?, Is indian government banning pubg? , Is PUBG is next to get banned?, Why is PUBG going to be banned? Is PUBG Banning in 2020?.
A thousand more questions are jumping in the mind of PUBG lovers. Definitely, Bombs are brusting in the minds of pubg lovers as soon as they hear this news. 

And this news is more intimidating because the government has already banned PUBG before in 2019 but later, the ban was removed.

Apps already banned by indian government.
Indian government continues to ban Chinese apps. Last month Indian Government took an emergent step by  banning 59 Chinese apps. The reason behind prohibition of these apps is the security concern for users. These apps which are banned by Indian government are using private data of users thus for security concerns Indian government decided to ban 59 apps including tik tok, UC browser, shareit, DU battery saver etc.

Why indian government is Banning Chinese apps?
In order to prevent data piracy and to ensure the sovereignty of indian cyberspace , the indian government recently banned 59 Chinese and will soon block all the apps which might have threat of private info leak and data piracy.

How many more apps  to be banned? 
Now people have not been able to deal with the grief of Tik Tok's ban in the previous banned list, the Indian government has made a new list of 250+ Chinese apps which can be banned soon.
And the some rumours claims that this list might include PUBG. Yes, according to Economic times , Indian government has made a new list of 250+ apps which can be banned. Even,  All the apps on which there is a risk of data theft can be banned in the time of arrival for saftey purpose.

Government official statement of PUBG ban in india.
We all are aware of tik tok and other recently ban app's flaws of data sharing with third parties.
The officials stated that " we are examining all the Chinese apps approximately 270+ because of data sharing and piracy with third parties".
While the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEIT) has sent 60 questions to the banned apps companies "for asking wheather they are working on behalf of any other foreign companies, government or influencers."
Government provided them "three weeks to respond". Till then we have wait.

Chinese Companies might  ban.
There are some other companies which work under or work with any Chinese company or with Chinese company investors. The popular coming companies such as supercell, Tencent etc are under testing by indian cyber officials.

Will PUBG get banned in india?
Before knowing this you should know  Is PUBG a Chinese company?
Many of us believe that PUBG game is not from any Chinese company. So there is no question of this being banned in India.
If you too thinks anything like this so, let me tell you yes , you are right. PUBG is not a Chinese company but wait the Government will target it due to mixed ownership. PUBG app belongs to a South Korean video game company Bluehole.
After gaining more popularity this gaming company was joined by a Chinese company Tencent for handling the distribution and marketing of it in china.
So, PUBG developers are Bluehole belongs to South Korean but now its publisher are Tencent belongs to China.

Will PUBG get ban?
PUBG is included in the list of 250+ Chinese apps which are being test by Indian Government. Yet, PUBG only require microphone and System storage but these might can be a threat. And now it is added in the list along with supercell. 
Still the Government has not decided to ban PUBG in india.But until the time is up, the Indian PUBG lovers will take their love, you do not know when the beloved PUBG  will say goodbye to you from your life.

So i hope guys you got your answer of
 is PUBG going to be ban in india and why?
Stay tuned with WorldUpdatezWithMK for more updates till then take care.

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