COVID-19 Vaccine trials by Germany. Germany Coronavirus Vaccine updates. - World Updatez with MK

COVID-19 Vaccine trials by Germany. Germany Coronavirus Vaccine updates.

As COVID-19 cases spike in some
countries it's clear that the pandemic isn't slowing down, that's why many are pinning their hopes on a vaccine. 

Here's I'm presenting a fresh report over COVID-19 vaccine of Germany, Coronavirus Vaccine trials by Germany.
This report is based on the latest COVID-19 vaccine trials by Germany in july, 2020.

Now below you can read the complete report provided by German reporters and scientists. I haven't much changed the information. I have provided it, as it is for my readers.

Germany Approves Trials of COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate -

The German scientists are pretty cautiously optimistic that at the end of beginning of this coming 2021, they will have one and maybe more, they hope more than one vaccine that would be available. Thousands of scientists are now working on more than 150 vaccines but none is approved for use. So, just how close are we to getting an effective corona virus vaccine that's the big question. The fight against the pandemic is gaining momentum. The US Food and Drug
Administration has granted fast track designation to COVID-19 vaccine candidates under development by Presser and its German partner biotech. Now this is an important step towards getting approval for a vaccine in the world is desperately waiting for things are moving quickly at by on tech. The company's search for a vaccine began in January by April it had already begun clinical trials research at a record speed production has also been racing ahead. The European Investment Bank has pledged a 100 million euro loan. If the human trials are successful on tech and pharma companies all over Europe are gearing up for mass productions of a potential vaccine even if success remains uncertain.

Coronavirus Vaccine updates : Germany

They're already equipping their  facilities and finding production partners all over the world, to help them produce large quantities as soon as our production processes up and running, they'll also start producing and stocking it despite, the economic risk of having to throw away all this vaccine. If it doesn't succeed in trials as the Hindu Obama VAM an impressive number of projects including the  SARS coV-2 vaccine trials are underway at universities and companies in Germany Switzerland and Austria, but research is advancing all over the world 23 substances are already being tested on humans in projects mainly centered in Europe. The US and China all told scientists are now investigating more than 150 different vaccine candidates this is necessary because it's quite clear that no single manufacturer could really meet the world's vaccine needs. Global demand can only be met if several companies are producing in parallel each with their facilities, and with their partners — some potted fear by unchecked says it could have a vaccine as early as December over more. 

American scientists are researching and marketing authorization in the US and Europe in general, for example the company biotech has provided them with encouraging immunogenicity data, and a couple of dosages they used from a phase one to trial and also under tolerability of these dose, which is very important they have also found out that their of the larger doses are not so well  think tolerated. The next step will be to start their phase 3 efficacy trials, and also getting some more information on these vaccines safety in Brazil, Germany and then there is a very good opportunity, if these data come out positive that filing at least for marketing authorization could occur, and the European Medicines Agency have already indicated that a rolling review would be possible which means that once the day to come in they can be submitted for review by the regulators, one after the other all rights of course.  These works to develop an mRNA vaccine scientists have to access our CoV-2's genetic code. They can then synthesize messenger RNA molecules that carry information from the virus like how to build specific proteins. The synthetic mRNA is enclosed in a lipid nanoparticle which delivers the vaccine to our cells. Once inside cellular machinery follows the mRNA instructions and begins producing the viral protein which is then displayed on the surface of the cell that stimulates a protective response from the immune system. Now "professor Klaus says that what makes an mRNA vaccine a good candidate in the fight against SARS CoV-2?".
 Well first we have to say that we regulators are open to any kind of vaccine platforms that are currently developed as candidate vaccines against COVID-19. 

 What makes RNA vaccines attractive is the technological progress that has been made  in the last years, and although they don't have a license human preventive
 vaccine.The steps that are usually used for vaccine development which are isolating the virus. Getting the genetic information adapting the virus to cell culture, and bringing it up in high amounts in cell culture can be omitted with an RNAi vaccine, so to leave with a lower bio safety limit and the other plus is of course that companies have announced, that they can produce millions and millions of vaccine doses up to the formulation within six weeks. 

When it comes to mRNA vaccines well first, these prejudices still exist when it comes to the application of genetic information and gene technology in humans, and in medicine because it has been shown that this is a very effective and very safe technology number two with RNA vaccines. They don't have issue of any incorporation of sequences into the genome of cells or be it the germ line nothing like that can happen because RNA is a rather fragile molecule and first with all the different vaccines no matter whether to know the platform's already in detail or not they are always treated as one unique new thing. These preventive vaccines are required in large plus to the benefits compared to any risks that we may take into account so, it's the safety first.

A number of viruses not, just the ones that cause herpes can go dormant in the body, and then reactivate at a later point in life chickenpox, for example, does it too even if you had chickenpox as a child the virus that causes it can remain dormant in your nerve cells. Manifest even decades later as a skin condition called shingles so after an initial infection could SARS coV-2 go into hiding in our body although it's true that many patients struggle for months with symptoms of a COVID-19  infection. That isn't real dormancy, and the way we usually mean it generally the viruses that are able to lie low
in the body for four decades. Our DNA viruses like those that cause chickenpox or herpes or their RNA retroviruses like the one causes HIV and and corona viruses don't fall into either one of those categories. So although nothing has been ruled out completely we've never observed latency in corona viruses and  they don'texpect it from the SARS coV-2.
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