Claim of Paranormal Conversation with Sushant Singh Rajput's Spirit by Steve Huff. - World Updatez with MK

Claim of Paranormal Conversation with Sushant Singh Rajput's Spirit by Steve Huff.

Shushant Singh Rajput was found dead on 14 june ,2020 at his Bendra apartment.
After which the police called it a case of suicide in their investigation. However Sushant's Fans and Family completely deny that he can commit suicide. After this, the investigation is started again in which new aspect goes on opening. 
Some bollywood stars stands in support for   Shushant and revealed him as the victim of nepotism which is truely the dark side of bollywood industry .
Even though some of the known so called famous celebs declared him as a patient of depression.
Today, it is more than a month but still no CBI inquiry has been done while mumbai police are doing there job but no one knows when shushant's soul will get justice . 
Fans are trying hard to get justice for shushant using all social media platforms , trending #justice for sushant.

Shushant Singh Rajput was a brilliant actors and an intelligent person also thus claiming his death as a case of sucide is rubish its clearly a murder mystery!.

STEVE HUFF is a world's famous Paranormal expert, he runs a YouTube channel named 'huff Paranormal' having more then one million subscribers on it. He had done many paranormal investigations and conversations with spirits on his channel through which he solved many mysteries. 
In his latest vidoes on his channel he claims paranormal conservation with the spirit of Sushant Singh Rajput on the demand of SSR fans.
He claims , in his video he covers a complete chat with the spirit of Sushant Singh Rajput and the video covers many aspects which can solve Sushant Singh Rajput's murder case.

Steve huff asked many questions to the spirit of Shushant and the spirit replied very clearly and most shocking is that the voice of spirit is similar as of Sushant Singh Rajput , is it really the spirit of Sushant? is a big question but if you see the full original video you might believe, even i did. 
Just read the complete blog below and decide yourself .

What did shushant's spirit revealed -
Steve Stuff published two videos as part-1 and part-2 which show full conversation 
But here i myself and even some YouTubers also found that Steve Huff might have made some mistakes in understanding and retranslating some statements of the Sushant Singh Rajput's spirit which i will recorrect here.
The questions asked by Steve Huff and the answers revealed by Shushant Singh Rajput Spirit  - 

1. First question asked by steve to SSR's spirit - Are you getting the light?
Acc. To steve, Spirit replied - tell steve im getting the light.
Correct statement - " dosti ke naam pe I have been mudered" 

2. Asked by steve - can you tell me what happened that night?
Acc. To steve, reply - Big arguments with men.
Correct statement - big arguments with them.

3. Asked - do you remember how you die?
Replied - they brought nails.
Correct statement - they brought noose.

4. Asked - do you remember anything what happened , how are you there
Replied - it is ended now , I'm good.

5. Asked - who is he whom you talked? 
Replied - tell steve I'm getting the light.
Correct statement - 'dosti ke naam pe i have been mudered'
This statement is repeated twice in which spirit clearly said i have been mudered by the naam of friendship.

6. Asked - where are you that night ? 
Replied - i was in it 
Correct statement - i was in the kitchen.

The statement " big arguments with them" was repeated agian and again.

7. Most important question asked - 
Was there someone else , what exactly happened that night?
Replied - we better stopped this.
Correct statement - Deepesh( sushant's servent) did this.

8. Asked - would you like to give some message?
Replied -  i just wanted to answer you.
Correct statement - i want them(fans, family or people, police may be) to trust you.

At the end of this investigation Steve Huff mentioned that Sushant Singh Rajput's spirit is one of the most powerful spirits he ever met. Steve in his video claims thats his paranormal investigations are 100% real and true , his equipment are genuine and shows reality and all the content on his channel is real not fake.

Here below i mentioned the link of the original video so go and check out the video.
Part -1
Part -2

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